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"By Grabthar's hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged!"
―Dr. Lazarus

Dr. Lazarus is the deuteragonist of the Galaxy Quest series, the scientist of the NSEA-Protector, and the only known survivor of genocide on Tev'Meck. He is portrayed by Alexander Dane (Alan Rickman).


Dr. Lazarus is the alien member of the crew. He is a Mak'Tar, an alien race known for their super intelligence and psionic powers. Being the show's central alien protagonist, he is a very popular character on the show.

His catchphrase is "By Grabthar's hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged!".

In the sequel series, Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues, Alexander Dane reprises his role as Dr. Lazarus.

Alexander Dane[]

Being the show's alien character, Alexander is the most bitter and regretful for his role in the Galaxy Quest series. He is a trained Shakespearean actor, mentioning that he played Richard the Third on stage, with "...five curtain calls". But after Galaxy Quest, he barely considers himself an actor anymore. He hates his character and being typecast to that character. And he is especially sick of his character's catchphrase. He doesn't care about his character's popularity or his devoted fans the way Jason Nesmith does.

And as much as he hated having played on the show, he also hated always being second to the scene-stealing Jason Nesmith, whom he mentioned had stolen all of his best lines.

During their real adventure in space, he was the last actor to embrace his character. But the devotion and loyalty of the Thermians, especially Quellek, who idolized him, and the need to save them, eventually won him over, and he joined the rest of his co-stars and became a real hero, much like their characters on the show.

When he and his friends return to Earth, he was more happy than he was before to have been part of the crew, and returned with the rest of the cast in the sequel series, Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues.



Dr Lazarus's planet was destroyed by Meethans

Galaxy Quest[]

Dr Lazarus joined the Galaxy Quest Crew.

Galaxy Quest: the Journey Continues[]

Lazarus continued on The Crew.

Lazarus originally

Dr Lazarus in the Journey Continues

Notes and gallery[]

  • His character is an obvious parody to Spock (Leonard Nimoy) of Star Trek fame.
  • In the final scene of the movie, Sarris opens his eyes, as Dr. Lazarus' name is announced.