The Drythans were a bipedal species from Dryth.

Biology Edit

The Drythans are a humanoid race with cranial ridges on their skulls. They possess various pigments of skin. A unique trait their species possess is their camouflage abilities allowing them to mimic the physical traits of other races.

History Edit

For years the technocracy and the rebels fought against each other in a civil war.[1]

The rebels nearly had the upper hand against the ruling regime, however due to the activation of the Omega 13 device by the Galaxy Quest cast, their rebellion failed. Seeking retribution for their failed liberation of Dryth, the rebels tracked the source of their failure to Earth. After impersonating the members of Galaxy Quest, the Drythan rebels demanded they correct their error and free their planet by destroying the Ikaara Beam.

Miraculously the cast succeeded liberating the world, and forcing the ruling regime to flee. Eventually the former ruler of Drythan tracked Jason Nesmith to his home. Rather than seek revenge for the human's part in his exile, he offered to hire the Galaxy Quest crew to find another world for his faction.

Culture Edit

The Drythans were originally hunters, thanks to their camouflage abilities, however as their society progressed beyond their planet, they began to use their abilities in all walks of life, as entertainers, spies, saboteurs and assassins.

The Drythans were divided into two sects: a technocracy that ruled for more than a generation with their drone soldier legions and the rebels that opposed them.

References Edit

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