"Crewman Madison, the mist of this strange planet is filling my head with such thoughts."
―Commander Peter Quincy Taggart

The Mists of Delos 5 is the fifteenth episode of the original series.


The crew of the Protector arrives at Delos 5 after another NSEA ship, the Trojan, is inexplicably moored on the surface of the planet. Soon after their arrival, crew members of the Protector start experiencing sudden passionate urges triggered by the sweet mist that mysteriously blankets the planet without warning.

Just as quickly, the mist dissipates leaving many crew members in compromising situations. The Commander quickly realizes that the planet's passion-mist led to the grounding of the Trojan and the disappearance of its crew. While trying to avoid the same fate, Taggart is suddenly overcome with passion towards Lt. Madison. As they fall into each others arms and vanish into the mist, Taggart realizes that he can only save his crew by conquering his untamed libido. Showing tremendous strength Taggart overcomes Lt. Madison's flirtations and directs his ship away from the salacious planet.

Behind The ScenesEdit

This episode is often considered by fans to be one of Galaxy Quests finest hours, although some find the re-use of the protector sets to represent a ship exactly like the protector to be an unacceptable cost-cutting measure.


  • This episode is mentioned in the film.