The seventh episode of the Original Series.


Stricken by a space virus, Dr. Lazarus is bedridden and hallucinating while the onboard computer has been mysteriously switched off. As his condition worsens, Lt. Madison, who is nursing him, begins to comprehend the nature of his mutterings. She tries to convince Capt. Taggart that the gods of Tev'Mek are speaking through Lazarus, trying to tell them how to save the warrior-diplomat from certain death. The Commander finds her prognosis ridiculous and thinks nothing further on the matter.

Soon the voices of the Tev-Mek elders contact Lt. Madison in a dream. They tell her how to save Lazarus by taking him to the planet Amexon and bathing him in the Spring of Adirolf. To direct the Protector to Amexon Lt. Madison has to temporary take command of the Protector and put the crew in a state of stasis. Once the vessel arrives at Amexon, the beautiful Lieutenant realizes that she unwittingly led the Protector into a trap set by Rulfian separatist in their constant guerrilla war against the Galactic Peace Accord.

With the rest of the crew in stasis Ms. DeMarco battles the troop of bestial Rulfian soldiers. Once she unravels the bio-telepathic ruse used against her and Dr. Lazarus, she is able to awaken the doctor. While he takes control of the ship and steers it away from Amexon, Lt. Madison brings the rest of the crew back from stasis. The episode ends with the onboard computer coming back on-line and Lt. Madison cheerfully repeating status information from her chair on the command deck.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This episode marks the first appearence of Laredo in the series. He joined the crew of the protector when he piloted the ship when the crew was incapacitated by malaprop radiation, to which the young Laredo was immune.