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Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues is a upcoming comic series being released in 2015.



Cover Cover Artist Issue #/Title Writer Artist Release Date Summary
GQTJCcover 1.jpg
GQTJCcover 1A.jpg
Nacho Arranz

Roger Robinson

1 Erik Burnham Nacho Arranz January 2015 Once upon a time, a troupe of has-been actors that starred on an old sci-fi show were enlisted by an alien race to save them from an intergalactic tyrant. Despite being way out of their depth, the cast somehow managed to save the aliens and stay alive... but their actions in outer space may have had dire consequences for another world.
GQ TJC 2.jpg
GQ TJC 2B.jpg

Nacho Arranz

Mal Gardiner

Part 2: A Time of Civil War

Erik Burnham

Nach Arranz

February 2015

The cast of the GALAXY QUEST have enjoyed a career resurgence since returning from their intergalactic adventure, but all that is about to be interrupted by Qint, an alien with a very surprising ax to grind against Jason Nesmith and the crew of the NSEA Protector! 

GQ TJC3.jpg
GQ TJC3B.jpg
Nacho Arranz

Eduardo Sanz

Part 3: The Song of the Arbu Erik Burnham Nacho Arranz March 2015 The cast of Galaxy Quest have landed on the planet Dryth, charged by an alien rebel with fixing a mistake they didn't even know they made by meddling in the politics of another planet... but first they have to get through an alien wasteland in one piece. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Guy is stuck at a comic convention with a group of aliens masquerading as his costars. Nothing could go wrong there, right?
GQ TJC 4.jpg
GQ TJC 4sub.jpg

Nacho Arranz

Vincent Riley

Part 4: The End of the Journey

Erik Burnham

Nacho Arranz

April 2015

The fate of a world hangs in the balance in this explosive finale!

New Elements[]




Garlan • Ger • Skoon • Adnar • Brandon • Commodore Quincy Peter Taggart (Jason Nesmith) • Commander Peter Quincy Taggart (Jason Nesmith) • Lt. Tawny Madison ( Gwen Demarco) • Dr. Lazarus (Sir Alexander Dane) • Lt. Laredo (Tommy Webber) • Security Chief Roc Ingersol (Guy Fleegman) • Tech Sgt. Chen (Fred Kwan)Laliari (Jan Doe) • Wade Walters • DacMathesarQint


Dryth • Kanwhey • Control Station • California • San Francisco • California Center for Science Advancement


Drythan Drone Soldier • Ikaara Beam • Ikaara Satelite • Vox • Misery Pit


  • Issue 1
    • In the 1st issue, Commander Taggart encounter his and Dr. Lazarus's alternate counterpart from another universe. Similar to the Star Trek: DS9 episode "Crossover" in which Kira meets her counterpart.
    • Dr. Lazarus's alternate counterpart also sported a goatee similar to Mr. Spock's alternate counter part and Commander Taggart's alternate counterpart also wears a shirt like Capt. Kirk's counter part wore in Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror".
  • Issue 2