Galaxy Quest is a fictional television series in the 1999 film Galaxy Quest. The show is a cult classic, and many of the show's former actors continue to make appearances based on their work with the series. The Thermians view the show and create the Protector II from studying the episodes.

The series was created by Frank Ross that ran from 1979 to 1982. The series told the stories of the Interplanetary adventures of the Protector across the far reaches of the universe. The franchise has had a lasting impact on both science fiction and popular culture.

Galaxy Quest Prod: David X. Machina


The original variation of Galaxy Quest featured the same cast and characters, but had a western setting and was called West Quest the pilot was filmed but studio researchers insisted that westerns were no longer popular. The show was then re-imagined as a naval drama called Navy Quest.

However the studio was going into bankruptcy and they couldn't afford the high budget needed for a naval drama, but there was a significant number of props laying around from an older space movie, thus Galaxy Quest was born.



S Season
# Episode Number
N Name of episode
AD Air Date
DB Director

This series ran for four seasons, and there were 92 episodes that were each an hour long. The series was cancelled after the airing of episode 92, ending on a cliffhanger. Episode 92 was never put into syndication and was nearly lost.

Known NumberEdit

?001Blue Winds of the Moon??
?002The Mystery of Stasis??
?005Brain and Brain??
?006Assignment, Targathia??
?007Return to Planet Amexon??
?009The Alpha Beta Directive??
?012The Pupae Farm??
?013The Bivrakium Element??
?015Mists of Delos 5??
?016The Quasar Dilemma??
?017The Lights of Aldea??
?019The Omega Mutiny??
?022Requiem of the Martians??
?023Grabther's Hammer??
?024The Nascent Nebula??
?026The Doomsday Equation??
?031The Kreemorian Strikes Back??
?037The Adonis Factor??
?038The Planet of Dr. Garbanian??
?039The Targathian Syndrome??
?040For the Moon is Hollow??
?045The Dark Side of D'kerivan??
?051The Ice Being Cometh??
?055Lazarus, Lazarus??
?062Yesterday's Protector??
?067Planet of the Kronthaxx??
?073A Wrinkle in Space??
?075Platypus Planet??
?081Assault on Voltrex III??
?086Loner on a Lonely Planet??
?092The Omega Crisis??

Unknown NumberEdit

??The Two Lovers of Medusa??
??The Two Faces of Avsnoyl??
??The Pleasures of Tauran??
??The Hair Shirt??
??The Nixvowls Uprising??
??A Crack in the Mirror??
??Parallax Premonition??


  • According to Galaxy Quest: Global Warming Alexander Dane appeared in 85 episodes.
  • Episode 92 is incorrectly stated to be 52 in the novelization, other information regarding the episode itself is considered canon although the number is not.
  • Episode 2s mention in the film, is changed to Episode 3 in the novelization. Once again the films numbering takes priority.
  • Episode 81 is mentioned as 31 in the novelization.
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