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There are three known minor Galaxy Quest planets of some notability or importance they are Delos 5 ,Tev'Meck and Enok VII. 

Delos 5[]

Delos 5 is a planet known for its unique passion-mist.

History of Delos 5[]

The Trojan, an NSEA vessel, mysteriously moored on the surface of the planet. The Protector was sent to investigate. The crew of the protector started experiencing passionate urges triggered by the sweet mist that mysteriously blankets the planet. Despite their overwhelming passions the crew managed to escape the world.


Tev'Meck is the homeworld of the Mak'Tar it was invaded by the hostile Meechans and its peaceful inhabitants destroyed.

Enok VII[]

Enok VII (Enok 7) is a gas giant type of planet in the Horsehead Nebula, home to a race of huge floating sponge beasts called the Qxvwy'k, one of which threatened to absorb the entire Protector until Commander Peter Quincy Taggart bested the beast in a deadly drinking contest.