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"It's a rock. It doesn't have any vulnerable spots!"
―Jason Nesmith

The Gorignak (Rock in the language of the Blue Demons) is a Biolithic species native to Epsilon Gorniar II.

Behavior & Biology[]

These creatures are extremely violent, it is angered greatly by vibrations in the ground and sounds, so much so that it goes on a rampage when provoked in a significant manner. The creature seems at least partially sapient as it has some form of language, the only words known "Trakahau gra fuyter!", which means "Tranquility at last".

It is unknown how this creature is held together, but it is a mass of many stones in a roughly humanoid form. It seems to be able to withstand the conditions of space (at least partially).


The Gorignak once towered over the mountains, but over the aeons the relentless forces of erostion wore them down to a fraction of their original size.

When the Borkt established a mining outpost that set up on Epsilon Gorniar II They came into some form of conflict with the Gorignak. The Blue Demons seem to almost revere it in some way, and always move carefully to not disturb it.

When the Blue Demons had captured Jason Nesmith they took him to one of these creatures, which they provoked with the repeated chanting of Gorignak. When it awoke it attacked Jason Nesmith, fortunately he was saved by Fred Kwan with the Digital Conveyer.

Later when the forces of Sarris occupied the Protector II Fred Kwan would use the Digital Conveyer to bring one of these beasts (possibly the same Gorignak) onto the ship to attack a group of them. Ultimately the Gorignak was launched into space, where it found tranquility in the utter quietness free of any sound and vibration.


  • In the novelization the name of these creatures is spelled in two ways, Gorignak and Gorignac. This article favors Gorignak as it is used more, and is used for the films subtitles.
  • Gorignak is believed to have inspired the boss Thardus from Metroid Prime. Both consist of floating boulders in a vaguely humanoid shape, and Mike Sneath, who worked on the game, stated that Thardus was based on a movie monster, likely Gorignak.