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The Ion Nebulizer is the standard-issue NSEA energy weapon. These weapons were naturally used by the crew of the NSEA-Protector. It shoots orange/yellow bolts of energy that explode against the surface of a target, while it could also cause sparks to fly from a living target on impact. At full power, it caused a target to surge and glow with energy before exploding into flames and smoke.

Real World[]

Blue fluid from a crushed Ion Nebulizer

The Ion Nebulizer in action.

The Thermians built their own variation of the weapon that is nearly identical in every way. The only major differences seem to be the material and the trigger, they kept a grand total of eight hundred thirty-eight of these weapons onboard. The weapon has blue fluid inside, insinuating that the energy bolts are made from chemicals inside the gun.



Prop-replicas of these were manufactured and produced for fans of the show, and available of conventions. It was marked for ages 4 and up, and required two AA batteries for full functionality.


  • In the novelizations and the screenplay they are referred to as Magneto Pistols.
  • Pegasus Hobbies created an Ion Nebulizer model, paired with a Vox.
  • At some points, the gun was shown to have recoil.