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The K'ragk-Vort't was the flagship of the Sarris Dominion, personally comannded by Roth'h'ar Sarris himself.


Like all Fatu-Krey ships, it employs biological technology, giving it the ability to regenerate itself when damaged in combat. It was an extremely powerful vessel capable of interstellar travel.

The biological systems of the K'ragk-Vort't endowed the ship with conciousness and even a personality. Like most sentient ships the K'ragk-Vort't looked to its commander as a father figure. Predictably Sarris did not return the feelings, resulting in the ship's negative behaviour.

Defensive & Offensive Capabilities[]

The ships primary means of defense was its neutron armor (presumably complimented by the ships ability to heal). Its offfensive capabilities were great, it was equipped with a large armament of implosion missiles and positron missiles.


From this ship Sarris terrorized the Thermians for years, until the ship was destroyed along with most of its crew by a barrage of Tothian Mines dragged by the Protector II.


  • The name K'ragk-Vort't appearently translates as, "Angry shellfish of doom".
  • The name of the ship is give as The Falcon in the screen play, and the Junior Novelization. The blu-ray galactopedia gives they slightly more sensible name of K'ragk-Vort't (sensible in that it is an alien name, rather than any earthly name).