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Lieutenant Laredo is a secondary protagonist of the Galaxy Quest series, where he was the 9 year old pilot of the NSEA-Protector. He is portrayed by Tommy Webber (Daryl Mitchell as an adult, Corbin Bleu as a child).

Laredo in the Original Series (played by Tommy Webber [Corbin Bleu], aged 9.


On the show, Laredo was a 9 year old piloting prodigy from the Earth colony on Xerxes-B. His talents were so great that he was assigned to pilot the NSEA-Protector under the leadership of Commander Peter Quincy Taggart.

In the sequel series, Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues, Tommy Webber reprises his role as Laredo.

Tommy Webber[]

After the Galaxy Quest TV series was cancelled, Tommy Webber aged considerably, and like the rest of the crew, found difficulty finding other acting work after the show. Unlike the others, he doesn't really resent his role in the series, nor feel overshadowed by Jason Nesmith's spotlight. He was, however, very frustrated with their constant guest appearances, which Jason always books for them. He is quite whiny, second only to Alexander Dane, especially with Jason's stuck-up attitude, how he's always late for their public gigs with little consideration for the others, and comments how he's full of it and that his fans don't love him as much as he loves himself.

When Jason brought him and the rest of the cast onto the Thermians' NSEA-Protector for a real space adventure, Tommy was immediately assigned as the pilot of the real space ship, a job he struggled with right from the start when he first departed from the space port, scraping the ship along the wall and making the others even more nervous for their safety.

Eventually, though, he emerged as a competent pilot of the NSEA-Protector, especially after watching and learning from his younger self piloting the ship from old Galaxy Quest videos. Under Jason's command, Tommy's job as the pilot was instrumental in defeating Sarris's ship. By the end of their adventure, he mellows out and becomes more confident.

When he and his co-stars return home to Earth, he returned with the rest of the cast in the sequel series, Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues.


Laredo is described as being a "Crack Gunner" and prefers his Ion Nebulizer to have a sensitive trigger, as well he carries an Ion Shield.


  • Laredo is a parody of boy wonder and child prodigy characters, many of whom were portrayed by young actors who aged considerably, some of whom may not have been as successful as they were as child actors. Because Galaxy Quest is a parody of Star Trek, it is possible that Laredo is a parody of the Star Trek: The Next Generation character, Wesley Crusher, who was also a child prodigy who could pilot a ship and operate the bridge on the Enterprise D.
  • Daryl Mitchell who plays Laredo is African American, making him a peculiar choice to play a Malaysian.