The Pod Gun's Rifle Variant


The Pod Gun's Pistol/Carbine Variant

The Pod Gun is a seemingly standard issue energy weapon used by the Fatu-Krey military, notably by Sarris and his men. They fired energy bolts like the Ion Nebulizer, but each shot left a smoke trail and was not shown to have the power to disintegrate a target. In fact sometimes, the shot from the weapon was equal in energy and damage as a human firearm, complete with bleeding wounds. Also, after one of Sarris's men used the weapon and it acted like a Earth firearm, complete with a muzzle flash, or at least explosion or emission of heat and smoke, and a bullet like hole in a target, the weapon was unable to fire again, with the user of it fumbling with it to try and get it to work again. Sarris's own gun fire appeared in this fashion. A puff of smoke appeared on a target just as a gun shot would in some films. The muzzle flash would appear inside the gun barrel, sometimes emiting some sparks and ambers. The barrel would rotate right from the shooters perspective, much in the fashion of a revolver.

The weapon has two forms, including an assault rifle type shape, complete with a rifle stalk and a top carrying handle. This variant of the weapon seems heaviest, as Guy nearly tripped backwards when lifting such a weapon onto his shoulder. The second is a pistol or carbine type shape, which is smaller and lighter than the rifle, is without a rifle stock or top carrying handle, is thought to be a generally one handed gun, and is rarely seen being used by anyone other than Sarris, seemingly because he is a commanding officer and this variant is a showing of that. Both variants have what appears to be reptilian skin, or a fabric mimicking it, on the top and bottom of the weapon. They can also both have an optional gun sling or shoulder strap for a user to better carry the weapon and prevent losing it, allowing a user not to have to hold and grab the weapon to carry it.