The Thermian interstellar pod is a mode of transportation that sends a single person across a very large region of space in a small amount of time. The pod is composed of a pad, a rocket within the pad and a gel to protect the person in question. The method by which the pod is prepared and transported is as follows:

1. A white pad appears underneath the feet of the person to be transported.

2. A blue gel emerges from the edges of the pad and moves towards the center.

3. The gel covers the person's feet, pinning him/her to the pod.

4. The gel travels up the person's body and conforms around it. The gel pins the person's arms to his/her sides and eventually rises to the top of the person's head.

5. The gel closes in on itself and solidifies to form a protective barrier, covering the entire person. This protective layer is so thick that the person cannot escape from it. The gel emits oxygen such that the person can breathe. It also protects against the vaccuum and radiation of space.

6. The rocket inside the pod propels the pod and the person inside to high speeds. The coordinates of the destination are programmed into the pod; the person inside does not control the direction and speed of the pod.

7. Once the pod reaches its destination and lands, the gel liquifies and disappers. The pad also disappears.

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