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"I'm not even supposed to be here! I'm just Crewman #6! I'm expendable! I'm the guy in the episode who dies to prove the situation is serious! I got to get out of here!"
―Guy Fleegman

'Roc' Ingersol is the security chief onboard the NSEA-Protector, portrayed by Guy Fleegman (Sam Rockwell). He is a new character introduced in Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues, the sequel to the original series.

Guy Fleegman[]

Guy occasionally hosts Galaxy Quest conventions, and introduced the show's cast on their stage appearances in the conventions. Before that, though, he made a brief appearance on the show, and wishes for a chance to sit alongside the stars of the show to sign autographs at the conventions. Unfortunately, his "co-stars" barely remember who he is or that he appeared in their show, and perhaps for good reason. In his appearance on Galaxy Quest, he was only a stock character who appeared in only one episode only to get killed before the first commercial.

Throughout their real space adventure, Guy is constantly paranoid and often compares their predicament with the dangers from Galaxy Quest episodes, and is sometimes surprisingly right. He fears that he will inevitably suffer his character's fate and die. Ironically, he is the actor who suffers the least physical harm throughout the whole film. At Fred Quan's suggestion, he decides to change his role in the cast as the show's "plucky comic relief".

When their adventure was over and everybody made it home, Guy finally gets what he wanted and becomes a new protagonist of the sequel of Galaxy Quest.

Crewman #6[]

In his only appearance on the show, he got killed very early in episode 81, just to provide peril and tension in the episode. His character was never even bothered to receive a proper name.

Security Chief "Roc" Ingersol[]

After the real life space adventure he shared with the "crew", and being included in their stage appearance at the next Galaxy Quest convention, Guy was finally re-introduced as a new character into the sequel of the show, Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues.


  • Guy's fear of getting killed like his character on the show is a parody of the "redshirt", a minor Star Trek character who dies soon after introduction just to dramatize the dangers the surviving characters face.
  • Ironically, when the crew is on their way back to Earth and Sarris infiltrates the bridge and begins murdering everyone, every major character is mortally wounded except for Guy, who cups his ears and screams in panic but remains otherwise unharmed until Jason activates the Omega 13.
  • Guy ends the movie as a named character, the chief of security on the sequel series. Unfortunately for him, the security chief on the sequel series to the show being parodied, Star Trek, was Tasha Yar... who was killed off partway through the first season.