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The Thermians true form

The Thermians are octopoidal creatures native to Thermia in the Klatu Nebula, presumably located somewhere near the 23rd quadrant of the Gamma Sector.


The Thermians are a fairly strong highly intelligent species of squid-like cephalopods. Like cephalopods on other planets the color of Thermian skin can change color, depending on their emotional state, which aids in communication. It should be noted that they have blue blood.


They are an extremely naïve , gullible and kind species, they have no concept of fiction, or deceit, and as such they have mistaken broadcasts of human television programmes as "historical documents", in particularly Galaxy Quest and Gilligan's Island.


Millions of years ago, Thermians emerged from the oceans of their homeworld, eventually evolving into a species of intelligent squid-like cephalopods. 5 million years ago the great nebula burst occurred and nearly destroyed Thermia, and created the Klatu Nebula. It was only through the unity and determination of the Thermian people that they were able to survive this difficult period.

As conditions in the Klatu Nebula deteriorated, the Thermian people learned to adapt by living underground. Finally with their survival at stake much of the thermian population fled their home planet, settling on the moon known as Zaktor.

The Zaktor migration brought a measure of stability to Thermian society, but at a terrible price. As the Melosian gas from the Klatu Nebula grew more toxic neither the Thermians on Zaktor, nor those who had remained on their home planet could survive effectively. Fighting among the Treed (a political party on Thermia) and the Largoths (another on Zaktor) grew more intense, leaving the way open for Sarris to deliver a crippling blow to the Thermians.

The Thermian society fell into disarray for 100 years, their goals and values had become scattered, they were oppressed, antagonized, and enslaved by the Sarris Dominion. It was only when they began to receive transmissions from Earth, of the original Galaxy Quest series that they were able to unite. They remodeled their entire society based on the television program because of their naive nature they failed to fully understand the program, believing it to be a historical document.



The Thermians' human form

Thermian technology seems to be for the most part modeled after what they have seen on the television show Galaxy Quest. In order to better emulate their idols from Earth, they have created devices called Appearance Generators which allow them to assume a somewhat human form.

Their technology is highly varied and advanced, they have food replicators, organ fabrication devices, and more notably are extremely adept at interstellar travel. They have also mastered two forms of non-ship travel, with the Digital Conveyer, and the Pods.

Known Thermians[]